Happily Never After

Bong, bong, bong, went the clock tower in Sophie’s book Cinderella. She always wanted to be a princess like Cinderella or even better a mermaid princess like the Little Mermaid but her evil stepdad never encouraged her to do anything and I mean never. but every 2 weeks her stepdad goes away on a work trip (not really) for 2 whole weeks!! Then Sophie could do whatever she wants![ Yay,] in two days time that will happen.

2 days went quickly and her stepdad was leaving. Once he had left for work she went straight to her room to get dressed. She had brown hair so is looked great in pink sweaters and so she wore her favourite. She got her book bag so she could go to the library.

She went to go to the kid’s section when somebody grabbed her hand and said, “Do you want to go to the library’s newest feature?”
“Well…” said Sophie
“Too bad!” said the Lady who looked so plain. She took Sophie to a wall and then pushed a button and Sophie went flying. Aaaaaaaaaaaagh! She landed in a dark passage way.
“How can I get out of here?” she wondered. She started walking but she did not know where she was going. She stared at a door that said Sophie’s Step daddy’s Secret Lair.

That must be my Dad she wondered out loud. She went in and saw her Dad! She felt sad and scared.
“I think my Dad is a criminal mastermind, “ she mumbled. Sophie was scared but she wanted to look around. She heard her dad saying, “The world is mine wahaha.” She did not know what he meant but she thought it meant world domination so for the first time in her life she was scared, really terrified. So she messed up everything not by accident on purpose but nobody saw (yay).

She stayed for 2 hours and watched until her dad pushed a button and everything in the room exploded (wow) after that Sophie ran home so she could go back to her book Cinderella and as she read she thought well I didn’t become a princess in that adventure but I’m still a princess in my own world.



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