A Deceptive Dance With Satan

I stood isolated in a room surrounded by the dull glow of dreary conversation. Everybody assimilated within their community with ease, while I struggled to find my standing within the society so foreign to my own.
Curious glances met my every move as the demons mingled together devilishly. My disguise fooled the guards mending the gates, but many of the guests had become suspicious of my true nature. Tonight my long, fiery red hair and flawless, porcelain skin doused me in an allusion of a great ancient beauty. My expensive, seductive costume only adding to the lure I needed to possess to slay the ferocious beast?
In reality, I was one of the most well-known archangels in Heaven. My passion derived on creating fantasies to entertain humans’ sleepless thoughts by inspiring an imaginative world full of possibilities. Most importantly, I’d been chosen to complete a special task—my soul infused with rare vaccine; a cure for an infectious disease?
I began to grow impatient. It was unlikely the Devil wouldn’t show up to his own party, but my illusion could only last so long. This game had gone on long enough that he knew to watch his back meticulously for my deadly appearance. A single touch was all that was required to rid the Earth of his influential habits and desires?
As he finally arrived, I rolled my eyes. As suspected, his grand entrance consisted of searing hot flames that miraculously left his skin unmarred. It was as if he’d been blessed by angels. Oh, the irony… Nevertheless, the crowd roared with pride of their master. He was engrossed in the power worshipping gave him until he caught sight of me—or rather, an old frenemy.
“A little unoriginal, don’t you think, Lucifer?”
Leaving his world of fame he joined me by the staircase. “Why are you here?” He questioned suspiciously.
“At least act happy to see me,” I whined innocently.
“You haven’t come to my gatherings for eons. I didn’t expect you back after the last fiasco.”
“I’ve had enough of games,” I teased lustfully. “I’m so over second best toys. I think it’s time for another upgrade—at least for a little while.”
Eyes narrowly focused, he whispered darkly, “You were pretty clear the last time that our relationship was non-existent—and that you would never bring yourself so low again.”
I drew in closer, barely an arm’s length away. “A girl can change her mind, Luc. Those other boys have lost the spark, I need to sustain my thirst. I desire a little more…fire.”
His eyes lit up like fireworks on New Year’s Eve. He took my hand thoughtlessly for a dance. “Lilith,” he breathed airily.
At our touch his eyes began to connect with my soul, showing a reflection of my true being. His urge to squirm increased under my gaze as terror seized him. But now he was trapped in his Hell for eternity.
“Gabriel,” he whispered, betrayed for the last time.



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