Fairies And Witches

Chapter 1 - Boring
It was a cold sunset afternoon. Jamie had come over to Lydia’s house for the afternoon. Jamie and Lydia are best friends. It was the first day of the Christmas holidays but…. They were bored. They needed something exciting to happen. At that very moment, Jamie’s mum’s car pulled up on the driveway. Jamie sighed, “Time to go home,” said Jamie.
Chapter 2 - Eyes in the Darkness
When Lydia was in bed that night she felt like someone was watching her. She sat up in bed and she saw two little, blue eyes in the dark so she turned the light on. Lydia saw a snow fairy!
Chapter 3 - Fairies
It was happily sitting on her brown wooden desk but then it spoke. “Get your friend Jamie tomorrow morning and bring him here,” she said. Before Lydia could respond, the fairy vanished into thin air. Poof!! So Lydia turned the light of and went to sleep.
Chapter 4 - Weird or What?
When Lydia woke the next morning, she was surprised to see Jamie looking down at her with a tiny yellow bird on his shoulder. When Lydia was just about to ask Jamie some questions the fairy appeared again. “Libra,” the fairy called, then the little yellow bird flew off Jamie’s shoulder and went to the snow fairy. Then the fairy spoke….
Chapter 5 - What the Fairy Said
“Hello my name is Telcia and the yellow bird is my friend Libra. I came because I need your help. Some witches came to fairyland and are trying to…Stop winter, take over fairyland but most of all cancel Christmas!” Jamie and Lydia gasped, “Oh No!!”
Chapter 6 - Oh No!!
Jamie said, “We can’t let those witches do any of those things.” “Thankyou!” cried the fairy, accidently throwing fairy dust all over Jamie and Lydia!
Chapter 7 - Flying to the Forest
Jamie and Lydia were able to fly without wings! They flew around the room and then the fairy conjured up some warm clothes and they all flew out the window and into the forest. They saw the witches so Jamie, Lydia, Libra and Telcia decided on a plan.
Chapter 8 - The Happy End
Libra flew in sight of the witches to distract them and Telcia conjured up Jamie and Lydia an ice axe each. Then Telcia froze every witch to ice and Jamie and Lydia crushed each witch. Telcia, Libra, Lydia and Jamie went back to Lydia’s house for a cup of hot chocolate and they all lived happily ever after.


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