Hi. I’m Cohen. I have short brown hair I’m about 150cm tall and I have hazel eyes. And it’s Halloween.
I’m getting dressed, ready to go to the maze up the road from me. Ok I’m ready. “Mum I’m going to the maze be back in half an hour’’
“Ok’’ yells mum.
I am five minutes up the road and I’m there.
“I’m 10 minutes in now and someone jumps out.
“HOLY cow ’’ so I nearly had a heart attack.
Then it happened again honestly this time I think I did have a heart attack nope I’m still breathing. “OMG this maze takes for ever”
I’m just going to cut through it. I’m three minutes cutting through and I come to a halt. It’s a brick wall.
“OH NO I’M LOST’’ I try and escape the way I came but it seems it’s gone. So I scream “HELP” so I look around I can’t find anything to get out with. Then out of the corner of my eye I see something in big bold letters down the bottom it says the brick wall is fake.
So I go touch it and it is like a curtain. So I climbed out of their and I was back at the start then I got a hand full of lollies.
And lived happily ever after the end.


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