Flickering lights, concrete, a tunnel without end, graffiti these were the few things that Sid Carter was thinking about. Why don’t they fix those lights? Why concrete? Why do people risk their lives to graffiti on walls? A deep grumbling startles Sid as a train zooms by and disappears into a tunnel without end. Sid can’t help but think if anyone was on those tracks they would stand absolutely no chance. People, so many people all different shapes and sizes passing by in a rush to make the next train but one catches Sid’s eye. A short man in a dark hoodie hastily walks with one of his hands dug deep into his pockets. A considerable bulge in his pockets reveals a square package. As the man passes an old rusty bin he stops, ever so briefly, and tosses the package deep into the bin. The man hastily walks away as he turns a corner Sid catches a glimpse of his face which is riddled with sweat. Instead of pursuing the mysterious man, Sid carefully makes his way towards the bin. As Sid gets closer and closer he hears a faint beeping sound getting louder and louder as he moves closer. Expecting the worst. Sid dives deep into the bin ignoring the horrible odour. Sid grasps the corner of the package and pulls it through the layers of disgusting rubbish. The beeping is now blaring into his ears. Sid rips it open without hesitation and to his horror finds what he expected. A bomb. Sid’s worst nightmare now a reality. He screams at the top of his lungs “BOMB”. Everything turns to chaos in a matter of seconds, screams and cries as people run to the exit, trampling over each other in the race for their lives. Sid looks at the display and to his horror it reads “00:14”. As he watches all these people run for their lives he knew they wouldn’t make it. 8…..7……6……5……4. Sid knows what he must do. Sid grasps the bomb to his chest with an iron like grip. Sid runs and jumps spectacularly from the edge of the platform onto the tracks. Sid lands with his body covering the bomb. As Sid lies there for the last seconds of his life all he can think about is all the people he will have saved. 1 for many. The ultimate sacrifice.3….2……1. Bang.


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