A Birthday Celebration That Goes Wrong

I am invited to a birthday celebration on the 16th August 2009. I get up and get ready for the birthday celebration. I do the usual things like having a shower, brush hair, do teeth and all things like that.

I received an early phone call from Sue to ask if I was still coming to the party, which I was. I drove there and everything went terribly wrong. The cake fell apart, the house got destroyed and we decided to call everyone who had not arrived yet to meet at the park instead.

We bought some party food and some cakes and by the time we had done all of that, people started to arrive and the fun began.

So we all started to have fun, and we ate and drank and celebrated the birthday. After a few hours, we saw a dog running towards us. The dog tried to attack us. We had to call the police and the ambulance.

I spent three days in hospital because the dog bit my arm. This turned out to be the worst birthday celebration ever! I ended up in hospital, Sue lost her house and everything was such a mess.

A couple of weeks later we thought about having another birthday celebration and then we decided against it. A good decision as it turned out because that night on the Channel 7 news there was a nice little family having a birthday celebration when everything went terribly wrong.


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