Fairyland Fun

Fairy Bethany and her pet unicorn Flora lived in a beautiful magical place called Fairyland. Fairyland is a place where fairies can get peace and quiet.
Today they were going to the theme park. Every four years the theme park comes to Fairyland and today was the day!
At 1pm Bethany and Flora set off. Bethany was very excited while Flora was feeling nervous. Bethany and Flora were very hungry after their walk to the park so Bethany had chips with tomato sauce on top and Flora had fairy floss. After they ate, Bethany wanted to go on the rainbow ride, but Flora felt nervous. She didn’t want to go on there because she was afraid of heights. Bethany told her it would be OK and they lined up to get their tickets. It was there turn. Flora felt a tinsy bit nervous and she still didn’t want to go. Bethany said “Go…go…go…Flora.” Flora closed her eyes and……she did it. Hooray for Flora! They had lots of fun with their friends and owners - Lola, Lily, Lizy and Lila. They played and played and played until it was the end of the day.
They all went back to their houses. Bethany made a special dinner for Flora for being such a brave unicorn.
That night Flora dreamt of being such a brave unicorn on the rainbow ride.
The next day was Flora’s birthday. Bethany went to get a special present from the shop. She wrapped it up in wrapping paper and stuck a snowflake on top. Flora waited patiently until she came home. Finally Bethany arrived home. Flora opened her present and inside was her very own “Brave Unicorn” badge. “Thank you Bethany” said Flora “Let’s go on the rainbow ride in another four years!”


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