Earth Core

Everyone thinks that the Earth’s core is a big, fiery metal ball at the centre of the Earth surrounded by lava and if you go, too near you will die from the heat or catch fire and burn from the lava. They also believe that it is the strongest material on Earth (because it has been boiling for millions of years surrounded by immensely hot lava). But they are wrong, they are correct about what the
Earth’s core is made of, but if they knew what was truly down there they would be so devastated that they would get a heart attack and die. You see, what really is down there is a pack of bloodthirsty, evil, absolutely
horrible. ... Aliens. I bet you are wondering how they got there, are you?
They were here since that meteor crashed Into Earth and wiped out all the dinosaurs. The meteor that crashed into Earth was a chunk of their old planet! They burrowed down to the centre of the earth because they had to stay above 50 degrees to stay alive. They were used to being hot because their old planet was close to the sun Now, in 2040 when global warming Is going up they might just be able to survive In the hottest countries, The fiery
creatures dwelling beneath the earth are growing stronger, stronger and STRONGER! You have been warned!
“Happy Birthday to you!” “Make a wish”, cheered Mic’s mum Mic closed his eyes and wished he would be a hero, yet little did he know that his 10th birthday wish
would come true
For Mic’s birthday he was going to visit Sydney
harbour bridge with his dad, mum and sister (who was 5 years older than him texting on her phone). “WOW it’s hot” puffed his mum, I know its summer but I did not expect it to be this hot!
After a lovely day, at around 4:00pm they were
walking back home through a park eating ice cream when in front of them the ground exploded. What came out was so horrible and hard to describe you are going to stretch your imagination to picture this. It had fiery red skin, two bloodshot eyes, and Instead of hands, balls of fire. Then a few more climbed out beside it. “Are
they. Friendly gasped Mic’s dad, the creatures shot a few fireballs and one nearly hit the ice cream van, without knowing what he was doing, Mic threw his Ice cream at one of the beasts and it melted through him, the beast crumbled to dust. From then on, all I can say is flying ice creams! Everyone in the park joined in! However, more beasts came out of the hole. By the time the police had arrived, all that was left of the monsters was dust No one was hurt
(except for the monsters). After that, Mic the hero went home and lived happily ever after (until he died of old age).


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