I sat in the eclipse of the full moon with the true love in my life he hugged and kissed me as we celebrated our engagement. My heart flipped around in my stomach as I tried to realise what mama and papa would say I was only 18 after all. His lips crushed mine in perfect tension and I knew he was the one for me. I tried to block out all the drama from war torn France as we sat next to the Eiffel Tower kissing in perfect harmony. Paris was beautiful at night and tonight was no exception. He held me close as he walked me home side by side. But as we approached my house the windows were smashed to smithereens and the golden curtains hang in threads of pain and sorrow. A pack of men malicious men and women were trying to rob my home. My mother sat weeping on the ground helplessly as the took all her valuable terracotta figures. My father was fighting hard putting every light bit of energy and fighting as hard as he could. My boyfriend Tailor also joined in the fight against the angry robbers as they tried to tear our course right out our place but it wasn't going to work I was strong and I was going to fight. I kicked a small over grabbing all my mothers jewellery they'd stolen. Our tiled roof came crashing down with a thud my mother and father narrowly escaped the gang gave a malicious laugh and cackled. BOOM!, SMASH, CRASH everything went as the houses came toppling down just like the way. Guns fired throughout France as live were greedily taken by the malicious German invaders. I cried out in pain for God's mercy upon France. This is my home, my place I needed to do something. Ancient brick tiles from roofs smashed with friction against my cold aching body but I took a stand and fought the pain easily. I screamed as I grabbed my mother's hand and pulled her from the danger of the evil gang. I cried to the spirits of sky begging them to do something I held my mothers last terracotta figure close to my heart as if it was precious gold and hugged it so hard it could of broken into a million pieces. I would fight the danger no matter what the cost faith was the key to survival. Me my neighbours and my friends took a stand and stranded together strongly side by side as 1. We have faith we are together. As bombs fired like rockets throughout France I held my mother who was lost for words and cried. Nobody said a word we needed faith and that's the key to our survival. So as the guns fired and we stood proud and still we are fighters we will make it through times of evil and excel for the future cause we have faith. As our spirits came together one last time and we kindled together as a time we united as 1 and nothing would ever stop us not now not ever we ar faithful.