A Big Adventure

I was as bored as anyone could ever be and I felt adventurous at the same time. Suddenly I heard my mother screaming at my little brother,“YOU BROKE MY FAVOURITE VASE,” she screamed with rage. “Go to your room right now,” she told him.
Half an hour later I heard her voice saying, “Dinner time”. After dinner I went back to my room where I thought about how I was so bored of life here in the city. I thought maybe I should grab my bag and get my cousin to come with me and we’ll go to some place more exciting than it is here like maybe umm an erupting volcano.
The next day I walked to my cousin’s house and I told him about my idea. “AN ERUPTING VOLCANO” He exclaimed with shock, “It’s brilliant, but I’m not climbing an erupting volcano”. “You don’t have to,” I replied. “Meet me at exactly eleven o clock sharp in my backyard tomorrow morning, and don’t be late.” He came just as I told him.
I grabbed my bag and some supplies. Then suddenly I heard my little brother shouting, “Big bro come play with me.” “Shut up,” I called back. We left the house at twelve o clock which was a little later than I had expected and we walked west for two hours or more.
When we arrived at the volcano site I asked my cousin for the supplies which he gave me. I began to climb the mountain towards the volcano. The only problem was that when I got to the top I heard a loud rumbling noise. “Oh no”, I said. “I think the volcano is realliy going to erupt”. I told my cousin to run for his life and that I’d be with him in a moment.
He ran as I had told him. I got back to frantically climbing down the volcano. When I reached the bottom of the volcano I started looking for my cousin. I didn’t realise that the volcano’s lava was beginning to catch up with me. I finally noticed that the volcano’s burning hot lava was one centimetre away from me and I ran faster and faster. I ran as fast as I could at for approximately fifty miles per hour. Luckily I was fit. When I got home I saw my cousin in the backyard and I was so relieved. We found dad’s ladder and used it to climb into my bedroom.
We talked about the adventure. “Never again”, my cousin said “You’re right, never ever again” I said in reply.
Lunch time I heard my mother calling again. We went downstairs for lunch, “Good afternoon”, my mother said cheerfully.
Life passed like the swish of a feather and mum never knew about our secret adventure. I’m eight years old now and I can barely remember the event, though my cousin seems to remember every detail very easily and he keeps reminding me of it quite often.

Aine Rea
Year 3 room 11
White Gum Valley Primary School


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