Fairy Land

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Lily. She was an only child. Every day she would go into the forest to pick flowers and berries for her mum, who was sick in bed. Her mum always told her not to step in fairy rings, but she didn’t listen. She went into the forest, a little while later she came to a fairy ring, she walked straight through and in a FLASH she instantly disappeared! Lily looked around she was not where she thought she was. She saw a small light coming towards her, she shivered a little. It got closer and closer, it started to look like a little person. She started to feel funny. She started to rise off the ground! Then she realized she was in FAIRYLAND. She squealed in delight. Then she saw a little person with wings. Lily asked what the fairy’s name was, the fairy replied that her name was Eliza and she was princess of Fairyland! Eliza and Lily became friends at once. Eliza asked Lily if she wanted to meet her friends and family. Lily said yes so off they went. First they met Queen Christalle she was very nice! Then they met King Kalan he was very welcoming to Lily and even asked if she would like to stay the night? Lily said yes! Then they caught up with Princess Meliora, Eliza’s big sister. Then Eliza looked for Hanna her best friend, Lily and Hanna became friends quite easily! They decided to play a game. Lily didn’t know any fairy games. Eliza said that she would teach her. Let’s play musical toadstools “how do you play that,” Lily asked, “well it’s a bit like musical chairs” said Eliza ok let’s play! They went to find some toadstools, they found some small toadstools. They found some cicadas singing by a flower and asked them if they would sing for their game. They started the game, and played for hours. Then they decided to play in the flowers, the flowers seemed very big to Lily. Then some butterflies came and told Eliza and Lily to go home to the palace. At the palace they ate dinner, it looked like flower seeds and plant roots. Lily loved it, she even had seconds. Later they went to bed and slept in flowers, it was very comfortable. The next morning they had breakfast of toasted flower petals. Lily and Eliza decided to go to Hanna’s house; it was a very cute two storey toadstool. In the afternoon Lily started to miss her mum, she asked Eliza if she could go home. Eliza said “yes.” They went back to the palace. King Kalan showed her to the ring she had stepped in. He told her to stand in the exact middle of the ring; he waved his wand three times and whoosh she instantly was back in the forest. Lily went home with a great story to tell.


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