Fairy Tale Land

One sunny morning Princess Isabelle was happily playing hide and seek in the palace gardens with her three fun, little sisters. As they were playing, Isabelle’s youngest sister, Amy, stumbled across a secret passage built in the 1900’s.
“Let’s explore it at night,” Amy suggested.
We all agreed.
That night at 11:00 o’clock the four girls snuck out to the secret passage they had found earlier that day. Carefully they dodged the guards who were on night duty.
“There’s the passage,” Elise (the oldest out of Amy, Elise and Eve) spotted.
“Sh! Sh!” whispered Isabelle.
As they entered the passage they noticed a door with an old rusty sign saying ‘Fairy-Tale Land’. “Let’s go in,” said Elise quite excitedly.
“No way!” replied Isabelle.
It was too late. Amy, Elise and Eve had already entered the land. So Isabelle entered too.
The four girls decided to explore the land. As they were exploring they met all the characters. The characters were all very kind, but not as kind as the Good Witch. She asked the girls to stay with her. The girls agreed. Inside the witch’s cottage was a pot for good potions but besides that it was the same as any normal cottage.
The witch offered theme some tea and told them that the Bad Witch wanted to escape into the real world. “I love planking and always wanted to trap her!” croaked the Good Witch, half laughing.
“Do you think we could help?” asked Isabelle.
“Of course!” replied the Good Witch. “I’ll show you her cottage now.”
The girls followed the Good Witch and made a plan while they were walking.
“But we’ll need the other characters,” insisted Amy.
“Well Amy, Elise and Eve can go and get the other characters,” replied Isabelle.
Amy, Elise and Eve came back with other characters; Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, fairies, robots and lots more characters. Together they all trapped the Bad Witch. They were so happy
they had a banquet at the Good Witch’s house. During the banquet Isabelle told the Good Witch that they had to leave. The Good Witch was sad to hear that so she gave them a fairy as a goodbye present. As the girls left Fairy-Tale Land they waved goodbye to all the other characters. They arrived safely home and jumped back into their beds.
The next morning the girls asked each other if it was a dream or not. “It wasn’t a dream because we still have our fairies!” explained Isabelle. “Let’s go see the passage,” said Elise. But when they arrived the passage was no longer there so the girls just went back to being princesses.


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