The Super Blob Of Mars

Excellence Award in the 'The Write Track 2015' competition

My name is Shaper. I am a rainbow blob. No one knows whether I’m a male or female. I came from Mars. My power is to change shape but I also have a secret power that I’m still not sure of.
I came to planet Earth because I heard that is the planet my alien friends were invading. I asked the older aliens if I could borrow their flying disk so that I could go to Earth. They agreed.
I started up the flying disk and set up to Earth. While I was flying, the disk broke down. I was shooting through space like a rocket attached to a jet. Finally, I hit Earth with a massive
KABOOM!! There is now a giant hole in the ground. I came out of the disc and turned into
a juicy apricot so that no one could notice that I was an alien. Suddenly someone came over
to see what had happened and spotted a walking apricot.
There was an ear piercing scream. Lots of other people came over to see what was happening. “It changed!” they screamed.” It was an apricot and now it is an avocado!” Suddenly there was a massive rumble. Everybody turned around and there was a fart monster. A big, bad, green fart monster.
While everyone was looking away, I turned into a grain of dirt. The fart monster was chasing everyone in the city trying to capture them in its stench. Fart monsters don’t like good smells. If you had a can of perfume, they would fart all over it. I slipped over to the fart monster and made him eat me.
When I was inside his throat, I grew bigger and bigger until he couldn’t breathe. He exploded like an atom bomb and out came scented flowers.
When I had finished with Mr Fart, some old man had come up to me and told me that I had a secret super power and that he knew this because he read about me in a book. I knew he was right.
I thought too much about what my super power could be and because I thought too much, I lost about five battles against the fart monsters. I got it. I had finally figured out what my super power was. It was to divide myself! This will come in handy in future battles against other monsters. That is if I do battle them ever again.
One month later, I finally fixed my flying disk and went back to Mars. I told every alien on Mars what had happened. In the end I was known as ‘The Super Blob of Mars’.


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