Magic Shoes

Excellence Award in the 'The Write Track 2015' competition

Skye was just a normal girl until she went to see her dead father’s grave at the cemetery. The cemeteries name was “MAGIC”. As Skye was crying by her father’s grave she saw something shiny in the bushes. She went over to have a look what was shining. She immediately stopped crying and then she saw a pair of sparkling shoes on the rocky, old dirty ground. Skye thought the shoes were as pretty as a diamond.
Skye stopped thinking about the loss of her father and then began thinking about how she could wear them to the school disco. She decided to tell her best friend Sophie. Sophie was a bit worried about the fact that she found the shoes in a graveyard. Sophie said that the shoes would probably not fit her. Skye decided to try them on. She couldn’t believe her eyes, it seemed like the shoes had changed shape. As she put those sparkling shoes onto her feet, they actually changed shape to fit her. She tried to take off the shoes by they didn’t budge. She called her friend Sophie to help her. After an hour of trying to get the shoes off, she had no choice but to wear the shoes to school.
When Skye returned from school that day, Sophie asked her how her day was. “It was terrible, there was so much teasing from the other students about my shoes because I looked way too over-dressed.”
The school disco was that night, and Skye was counting on those shoes to make her look like the prettiest girl there. That night, when Skye entered the disco, everyone gasped. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Skye was so beautiful and the shoes made her dance like the wind.
After the school disco, they tried to get the shoes off, but it was no use. Before Skye went to bed, she wished that the shoes would come off during the night. She was ready to be her old self again, the shoes had given her a great time, but she realised it just wasn’t herself.
The next morning, Skye was shocked to see the shoes had come off during the night. She carefully placed them back in the cemetery where she found them. As she did this, she thought that maybe her father had left them there for her in the first place, and she thanked him as she walked away.