Dancing Stars

One day there were kids that went to a dancing studio where they were friends until someone did something wrong. Someone wrote a message but they changed their name to someone else so then they all went to dancing but Madison got angry the reason why she got angry because she got a rude message. Isabella was her friend but it wasn’t her. Olivia was her other friend but it wasn’t her either and Katerina. Isabella had friends like Madison, Katerina, Olivia, Montana, Grace, Sarah and Angelica. It was one of those girls wrote something but for sure Isabella thinks that it wasn’t any of them or even her she thinks that Madison went on one of their iPad and did it because Isabella let Madison on her iPad and then Isabella thinks that Madison wrote it because Isabella went on her messages and saw the writing but Isabella told Madison why she did that Madison.
Then Madison said the truth why she wrote it. Madison said that she was jealous because she thinks that Olivia is so gorgeous, I thought that to Isabella said. Then Madison said that she was so sorry I forgave her but Madison said I will never ever do that again then Isabella became BFF and Life.
Then the next day they came back to dancing of course and then Madison acted weird Isabella thought that she was so embarrassed because of what she wrote because Madison told the whole dance studio then Isabella force Madison to tell the whole entire studio about the message and Isabella wouldn’t get into trouble.
Then Madison and Isabella became best friends in the world before they were friends Madison always used to pull faces at Isabella then the best friends didn’t talk to each other often like they used to before Isabella will Face Time and message Madison but most times she won’t answer so then Isabella tried her best to talk to Madison but then Madison still ignored Isabella even in face times, calls, messages and even at dancing and of course school but then one day Isabella thought that if Madison is going to ignore Isabella then Isabella should ignore her too, then finally Madison started to talk to Isabella, Isabella answered her so then they could become friends again and then Isabella kept on wondering why Madison was doing this Isabella thought that it was a prank but Isabella didn’t know until Madison told why she was doing this she said because she just felt like it. And then Isabella thought that, that was a lie then Isabella thought that Madison doesn’t lie, telling the truth but at least I didn’t get into trouble because of the message but apparently it was all a mistake but then they lived happily ever after.