Gabriella And The Wicked Witch

Once upon a time there was a teenage girl named Gabriella and she lived in a castle. She had a Fairy Godmother and a pet dragon named Tuffy who could breathe fire out of his mouth. The Fairy Godmother had a secret; that there was a wicked witch and the witch was trying to capture Gabriella.
One day Gabriella decided to go for a walk, so she went outside and headed for the path. Just then she saw a bridge, so she walked over and when she stepped off she saw a gingerbread house. Gabriella went inside.
The witch heard Gabriella so she grabbed her and took her to her castle. The witch locked Gabriella up in her dungeon with her magic golden key. Gabriella started crying and one tear dropped onto her necklace. Then the Fairy Godmother heard her crying so she told Tuffy the dragon. They both flew to the witches castle.
The fairy godmother zapped a spell on the witch with her magic, glittering wand. Then Tuffy stuck his tail in the window and down into the dungeon. Gabriella climbed up Tuffy’s spikes and out of the castle window, and flew back home on his back.
Gabriella learned her lesson, which was to never go into stranger’s houses. They never saw the wicked witch again so they lived happily ever after, except for the witch of course.