Vael 1&2

Chapter 1 the statue
Vael woke up in a bed she saw a statue. She walked over to the statue it talked to her.
It said ‘‘where would you like to go?’’
Vael thought about this, she said “in a ship sinking with dead people”.
She teleported, it all went black. She woke up in bed, on the boat surrounded by water. Floating by she took her clothes and things. She swam out, it was a freezing night, and she swam to land.

She hit a wolf in the head, blood bleached the snow. Then a mage ran at Vael, she pulled her sword, but the mage was too quick. He cast a spell on Vael but her armour protected her, blood splatted out of the mage’s head. Vael took his gold having more then she could carry. She got his clothes and wrapped up the gold.

Then she got the mage’s clothes and went to an inn to stay the night. At the inn she went to the blacksmiths. She forged herself a sword with leather Armour.
“Thanks” said the blacksmith as Vael poured a handful of gold.
“Thank you” said Vael next she went to the cave.

At the cave she saw a rebel. She drew her sword and threw it at him. Then he blocked it. She pulled out another sword. It went through his stomach he was dead.

Vael 2
Chapter 1 the dragon
A dragon attacked Vael and she threw her axe it landed “SPLAT!” on to the face of the dragon. It howled in pain, then Vael threw her sword “BANG!” The dragon fell to the ground. Vael walked up to the dragon and pulled out her axe from the dragons face. She absorbed the dragon’s power.
“She’s dragon-born,” said a guard.
“I’m what?” said Vael
“Can I go to the mountain?” said Vael’s friend Feneed.
They got part way up the mountain until Vael accidentally blew fire and burnt a tree. It fell on top of her. She was out cold for two weeks. Vael woke up at night, she had a headache. She looked around.

Chapter 2 the walk
Vael was very hot. Feneed told Vael that she had been out cold for to 2 weeks. Vael was astonished. She went and cooked some food. She ate ravenously. When she had finished, they went on.

Once they got going again, Vael said ‘’I am going to die if we don’t stop for same water.’’
She went on and found a stream it was not frozen solid but Vael drank. It was not cold but Vael did not notice when she kept on going. What Vael did not know is that dragons heated the water.

Chapter 3 the temple
She was in sight of a temple, Vael was there at last, but there was a dragon. It was as big as a horse, but behind it there was a temple

The end.

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