Factory Fire!

I had just finished my netball practice; perspiration glistened as I was so tired. I instantly lent on the middle seat in the car. I asked my dad to switch on the air conditioning. I was enjoying the cool air being hit against my face. I was so eager to get home to have a sumptuous tea break.

My Father then said “Hey I have to pick something up from my office; I will get you something there”.

“Yep” I said sadly worrying about my hunger. I then started insisting that I go home but my dad just had to go to the factory.

I was already getting day; 6:00 was the time. And my tummy consistently kept on rumbling. As soon as the car was parked, he got up to leave for the factory while I wondered around for a bit outside. Although, my nose didn’t like the smell of this factory. I beseeched “Come on dad, make it a quick one” My father just gave a glance at me smiling making sure he would be back in a jiffy.

I checked my watch and it was already 7:00! My tummy started getting crams, something was wrong; I thought. I went and sat in my car as it was getting darker and darker by the minute. Suddenly, debris pelted out of our car. I ran out only to see the explosion light up in the night sky. “The car had exploded and there was nothing I could do about it” I muttered to myself like a broken radio. However, just as I though all would be fine, flames roared out of the factory chimney. “Dad” I thought running towards to factory.
felt as though I was being burnt alive. I dialled for the fire station, flailing my arms in the air with my mobile clutched in my hands. Every moment passing meant the chance of survival for my dad was decreasing. Tears were streaming down my face. But in no time the fire engine arrived and they were trying to put out the fire. It was 8:45 and there was still a sign of hope.

Before all hope was lost, I saw my father staggering out of the brutally fiery factory. “I’m fine, it’s alright” he said staring at the empty carpark. I then knew that I had a lot of explaining to do. Then my father explained that the fire was caused by flammable materials so there was nothing to worry about. Today I learnt that fire is indeed a good servant but a very bad master to have!
The End


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