I've searched my whole life looking for alien life.....then we found the blue planet they call earth. Every night when I look out at the stars and see earth I wonder if they look like us and if not what do they look like?t Here the girls are purple and the boys are yellow, but I'm Blue,because sometimes that what happens to the really special kinds. The special kind of boys are green.No the disabled kind of special but the other kind. Everyone on our plant Zarthog wants to stay away from earth, they think its dangerous. But not me. I want to go to earth and explore their ways. But they won't let me go.
Today I'm turning 17 and I'm going to run away to earth. I found a rocket ship, packed a bag and waited....I had a friend coming with me, his name was Logan. I'm Anna by the way. He came dashing around the corner, he jumped in and closed the door.
"Hi" he said panting like a dog.
We heard running footsteps and I looked at Logan,
"We need to go now", I looked at him understandably, "I'll explain latter just go." I turned around in to the drivers seat and flew away.
Just as we left we saw two men rush to the door. We just smiled and waved then flew away. I looked at Logan waiting for an explanation.
"OK fine I'll tell you. When I was packing my bags my dad came in and asked what I was doing, so I told him I was staying at friends house. When he left I picked up my bag and ran out the door to the spaceship but dad saw and got guards after me."
It would be a long. It took us four Hours, three Sunrises, two Sunsets. At about the two hour mark we turned on auto pilot and relaxed. As we came to land we saw shocked faces. They were all looking at us. We were frightened.We came down hard onto the water. But we were OK. We stayed in there until night because they seemed mad. When night fell we climbed out and found an abandoned gas station. We got some food and made two piles of clothes for a beds. We fell asleep fast.
When we woke up, we saw... an alien! We screamed and hid,"Don't be afraid," she told us," I wont hurt you." We slowly came out. She smiled, "Hi. I'm Maria, what are your names?"
"I-I'm Anna, and this is Logan." I told her.
"What lovely names."
"Everyone seems afraid of us?"I said nervously.
"I'm not afraid of you. I've always wanted to see an alien."
"Were not aliens" I said angrily.
"Sorry" She said apologetically.
"It's OK.We thought you were an alien." I laughed
"We're humans." she told us
"Humans?" I asked confused
"Yes,"she replied.
"We leave tomorrow. We weren't supposed to come."
"I'll show you round. Right now were in Paris." She said excitedly
We had a great day with Maria. She help get our ship back and we said goodbye. We promised we would come back soon. But that wouldn't be for a long time.


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