Had The Baby Just Spoken?

I couldn’t believe my eyes had the baby just… spoken? “Shhhhhhhh” the baby whispered. I fell to the ground in shock… “Get up get up”. “But…. But…..how.....how are you talking?” I stuttered. “Don’t worry about me talking to you, just let me tell you something extremely,bn impotent ok?” “Ok.” “Your sisters in trouble and you’re the only one in your family that can save her!” “What!!!!” I screamed. “She’s in the forest trapped, help her get her out of the horrible spell she’s in…..”
Running, running as fast as I can to save my sister, I have no time to lose…. I felt like I have been running for ages my lungs are dries as a desert and I’m struggling to breath but I keep striving though the streets.
Its 3pm and I’ve finally reached the cold dark forest with only the dark sun to help me though my tracks. As I walk in to the forest I get a deep cold feeling that someone is
watching me, I feel like I’m not safe in this forest, but I’m not going to stop I’m going to keep trying to find my sister I’ll do whatever it take to find her!
I stumble across a sign, it read “enter at your own risk” I can’t help myself but enter the creepy shed…. Thump! I fall to the ground….
I wake up from a scream…. All I can see is blur. My eyes start to focus, I see my sister in tape, tape rapped around her mouth, ankles and wrists. I run to her, as I rip the tape off her mouth, wrists and ankles. She grabbed me and hugged me as hard as she could I also wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her harder than ever.
I feel a cold breeze run down my back. “I see you have found your sister?” I turn around in shock, I see an ugly, old wrinkly lady wearing raggedy old clothes. My sister whispered “that’s the witch” that put me in the spell that’s why I couldn’t leave the forest I was trapped!” “Its ok I’ll get you out of here I’ll do whatever it takes!” I whispered back.

Thinking, thinking how I can get me and my sister out of here…. Ahhhaaa there’s a steel pole with a pointy edge (it kind of looks like a javelin). I sprinted as fast as I could to the shiny metal pole, I sprint up to the ugly witch and jab her straight in the heart. She falls to the ground in shock then cries “you will pay for this you will pay….” Her magic swirls in the air and all around my sister, the spell is undone, she can leave the forest! I run up too her and pick her up like a teddy bear she smiles and says “I love you sooooo much Josh!” I reply with a giggle “I love you too Marry!”

Story by: Anastasia Nancarrow-Stewart 7D, rosebud secondary collage.



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