A Bird's Eyeview

Once there was a girl that moved from the beach to the Northern Territory she was thinking about her friends back home and started to get sad. A big wedge tail eagle saw the girl and he flew down to see what was wrong. The eagle said ‘what is wrong?’ The girl said ‘I miss my friends back home’. He said “I know a way to cheer you up, can I show you around the outback’? The little girl said “okay”. So what the eagle did was gave the girl a little seed. He said “have this seed it will make you shrink but only for the day”. So the girl ate it and then she shrunk. And the eagle said “now hop on my back”. So the girl hopped on his back and off they went. The little girl said “wow”. The eagle said “I will take you to the Kathrine George first”. So off they went. When they got there the girl said “oh look there is a crocodile”. We flew along the river to Edith falls. She said’ look at the water falls they look pretty cool’. The eagle said ‘sit back and relax, we are going to Uluru which might take a while’. The eagle said ‘keep an eye out for lizards, Goannas and kangaroos’. The little girl said ‘okay’, and kept an eye out. She said ‘I can see a bunch of kangaroos and some lizards as well, but no goannas yet. And then they finally got there. The eagle took her up high over Uluru. Then the eagle said ‘Uluru changes different colours when the sun sets and when it rises. It is very big and beautiful’. Okay now the next stop. Not far away there are some rocks that are called the Olgas. The little girl said ‘it looks like a big rock pile’. And the eagle said ‘it is now time to go back to Katherine because it will be your dinner time soon’. The girl said ‘well I guess the territory is not so bad because I just saw some amazing things just then which was nice to do and thank you very much for everything you did for me today’. And the eagle said ‘that is fine’. When they got to Katherine the girl said thank you again for everything. The eagle said ‘now I need to go get a seed from my home okay? Stay right here’ the girl said ‘okay’. The eagle was back in a tick the girl said ‘you were fast’. Now take this seed and it will make you big again. The girl took it and in a tick she was back to normal the eagle said ‘whenever you feel said and miss your friends back home just say I miss my friends back home and I will be straight there!’ and of he flew, the girl waved to the eagle yelling bye. THE END


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