Back In Action

I open the door and take a deep breath. Anxious, I walk outside. Watching the waves flowing graciously, first steps back on the beach I open my new shiny board and step in the cold salty water. Looking at the beautiful sky, paddling out to catch a wave, people slowly watch as the professional paddles out.

As the cool breeze dances above, the waves slowly get bigger, and I get ready as a mammoth wave comes to me. I quickly get on my feet for the first time back on the surf. I turn back to watch the crowd cheer on for me, like I was just a baby who starts to walk. The immense wave turns smaller.

Slowly something jumps up behind me and like a bullet I had a flash back. Remembering about the ferocious teeth on the beast and the fast movement, I remembered the crowd growing as it attacked me. In that second I was pulled down under the water looking at those devil eyes on the shark.

I get back up on the water and again get hit with the sharks’ fin. Waves cover me like a blanket as I choke in salt water. Then in hope and desperation the alarm ring and help came. The fear that day still runs through me.
Everyone is on their feet as they re told I am safe. Goose bumps rush all around my body as I shiver. Thinking how I survived, people crowd around me with cameras and questions.

Then I heard a voice. “Mick that was great, for the first wave for coming back. That was actually really good.” said a voice.
“Thanks,” said Mick “ I never knew I did that.”
“Hey nice board” he replied, ‘would you like to catch more waves?”
“Ok” I said.

Then in an instant, the flash back disappeared and I turn around, seeing the crowed still cheering and my best mate beside me. In my head I am saying just a flash back and carried on. I am surprised that nothing happened and that I just caught a wave.

Soon, after more waves with my best mate, my fear of sharks’ ran away and my confidence grew. Then he asks me a question “Are you going to come to compete in the next competition?”

I think for a second about sharks attacking me again and said, “Maybe I will”

By: Jayden Lim