Tap Tap!

Tap Tap!
“Hey Sherry! Get me that glass will you?” As mum packed us our lunch stressfully. Well as you might of known my name is Sherry and I’m 15 years old. I live in a family of four and that’s three kids and one mum. Dad left when I was young. I never remember seeing him, only by photos. The rest of the kids had never heard of him.
“Bye Bye!” shouted my siblings as they ran out the door racing to see who gets to the school the fastest. I took my bag and headed towards the door. “See you later mum” I said as I walked down the pathway heading for my high school. “Hey Sherry!” My friend McKenna caught up to me. “Hey” We walked past shops that I saw every day. But as soon as we reached the shop next to the bakery I noticed a shop I had never seen before. “Hey McKenna, do you remember seeing this shop before?” I asked while looking at the sign trying to make out what it said. “Nah must have just opened” she said. “Let’s go inside, it seems interesting” I said. “But Sherry, We will be late for school! Why can’t we go after school? Like I mean it’s not just going to vanish in thin air.” “Go without me but I’m not going without seeing what’s inside!” I said not moving. “Ok ok, just a quick visit “Said McKenna nervously.
Later we entered through the front door and we saw really cool stuff. Then a rat ran across the floor and McKenna terrified, screamed so loud and nearly went deaf! “Shut up McKenna! Its not going to say anything to you!” I yelled at her with a frustrated voice. Then we walked through the store, and at the real end of the store was a beautiful red dress. A light shone on its beauty and I was in love with it. I went closer to it, and when I was just about to touch the silk dress, a voice said for behind, “beautiful dress isn’t it?” said a woman with a black robe, wearing a mysterious type of hair piece. “$400 that one”. Then McKenna argued and said “What! You mean $400 for that used dress! Sherry come were leaving” as she pulled my arm trying to take me out. “Wait McKenna!” I shouted as she let go of my arm. “I’m sorry, but I don’t have that money, can you give us another price?” I asked as politely as I could. “no sorry, fixed price!” she said with an annoyed voice. Later McKenna went off to school without me”
Later when the woman went behind the counter and up stairs, I took the dress off the mannequin, and ran out the door as quickly as I could. Then I caught up with McKenna and showed her the dress. “How did you buy it? It was so expensive!” “I stole it…” I said. “WHAT!!!!!!!” Shouted McKenna shocked. “It doesn’t matter” I said. Then is the next few days bad things happened, These scars were appearing on my arm.
Then on the next day, I woke up for school, and my phone was ringing, and then I picked my phone and said “McKenna why are you calling me in the middle of the night?” I said confusedly. “What are you saying? Its 10 am in the morning?” Then I got out of bed and ran to the window and opened the curtain and shouted “ I can’t see any thing!!!!!” and a whisper voice behind me said, “everyone must pay….”
The End!

Written by Aviral Sharda 5/6FP.