A Day As A Bird

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Read Write Repeat 2015' competition

It was a wintery night and I was curled up in my cosy blanket. I slept peacefully but uncomfortably. I had a feeling that I was getting smaller and smaller!
The next morning, I struggled to get out of bed. I was buried deep under my blanket. I ripped it open, somehow. I tilted my eyes downwards and saw a beak as sharp as knives and claws as strong as machines. I screamed, but it didn't come out as one, it was like a, “Cawwwww!”
I was scared, maybe this was a dream. I bit myself hard on my wing. A wing! I couldn't believe what was happening. I bit myself again, nope it wasn't a dream. I was assured that I was a bird. Suddenly a white feather fell on my bed. I knew I was an elegant seagull.
I heard shouts coming from the west, “Jodie, Jodie!” I knew that was my mum but I couldn't talk to her right now. I was flying over many lush green trees and beautiful skyscrapers. I heard my mum’s voice getting fainter in the distance. I ignored it and glided along, gracefully.
The peace of the morning was soul soothing. The long, fresh grass was glistening like a diamond, as the green blades were swaying on the wind and reflecting on the bright sun.
I saw many children enjoying their time in the park, as I hovered down to nibble on some chips that had fallen on the ground. I joined some birds on a bread feast. It was gone in a flash. It was hard to fly away because we were huddled so close together.
I saw lots of yachts in the water when I interacted with a group of birds. They were enjoying the steady flowing waves as the water pushed them away from the sandy shore. Many boats were zooming across the surface of the crystal blue water and several people were interested in getting a tan. The crispy sand crunched beneath my padded feet as my tummy grumbled, I was craving to eat some fish.
I reached a still lake. Two pelicans were swimming proudly as they left patterns in the water. Some people were fishing. The water rippled as they wound their fishing lines in the water. The fish dragged themselves towards the wriggling worms on the sharp hook. The fish that were caught, were sizzled and cooked into a delicious dinner. I gobbled up a small fish.
When I saw the lights blaze in the dusking sky, I felt lonely and wanted to be with my mum desperately. I spread my wings and started flying rapidly.
Slowly, my claws were changing into feet and wings were turning into hands. I flew furiously, but as I got near my house, I tumbled down. I quickly grasped on the windowsill and came into my inviting home.
That night I slept pondering about my thrilling adventure, and couldn't wait to set on another exhilarating journey.


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