Fairy Princess

Once a long long time ago there was a princess named Alexia she was turning 16 tomorrow. But Alexia didn’t know that her mum was a fairy not a queen. She was put on the queen’s door step she left a note on the blanket saying this is my darling please look after her, her name is Alexia she’s a fairy princess, she will get her wings when she’s 16. So the Queen took her inside and got her dressed in a lovely little night gown and put her to bed. In the morning, when Alexia woke up there was a bright light glowing that looked like pixie dust the Queen went outside there was a fairy shaped necklace, it was her mother’s job to keep it away from her until she was 16. She was to hide her powers and wings she didn’t know that she had powers but one day Alexia found the necklace in mums under wear drawer. Alexia was sitting on top of her drawer Alexia reached down to grab the necklace out of her drawer and wrapped it around her hand and a strange light shone - it was her powers activating .The queen came out of her closet and quickly took the necklace off of her powers stopped activating. The queen said that was close to 15 to years later they were getting ready for Alexia’s 16th birthday party Alexia was only inviting her closest friends and family because they were the only people she trusted but Alexia didn’t know that her wings would appear on her 16th birthday. Alexia’s party started at 7.00pm, when the party started Alexia greeted all of the guests and all of her family as well she loved everyone that came to her party. Alexia walked out on to the terrace and suddenly the queen of the fairy appeared and said ‘you’re my girl’ and took her to fairy land and they lived happily ever after.


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