Netball Finals

‘’Go to bed!’’ shouted Mum
‘’Fine’’ said Eliza. So Eliza turned off her light and fell asleep…..

‘’So Eliza are you ready for the big game tonight’’ said Dad
‘’Yep’’ said Eliza who had butterflies in her tummy. Eliza had all her netball gear on and was practicing her shooting for tonight’s netball finals. When Eliza arrived at her netball game with her Mum, Dad and her big brother Lachlan who was annoying and fun. Eliza quickly ran over to her netball team because she thought she was running late but she wasn’t it was only her nerves over coming her and her Dad said do not let your nerves do that so Eliza forgot about her nerves kept running to the team. ‘’Ok’’ said Lindsey the coach ‘’Now Eliza I would like you to be in GA because your mum said that you have been practicing at school in that position’’.
‘’Yippee’’ said Eliza ‘’I have always wanted to play in GA’’.
‘’Ok up on the line players so I can check your nails and that’’ said the umpire
‘’Ok girls go try your best and make me proud’’ said Lindsey
‘’Ok ready set go!’’ said the loud umpire
‘’Year Zoe Zoe here!’’ yelled Eliza
‘’Year Eliza back!’’ said Zoe. Eliza through the ball back to Zoe and Eliza headed to the goal circle.
‘’Zoe Zoe ZOE!!!’’ screamed Nelly. Zoe through the ball to Nelly
‘’Year Nelly Nelly’’ said Eliza. Nelly passed the to Eliza who was in the goal circle.
‘’Take a shot’’ said Lindsey who was standing on the sideline. Eliza took the shot
‘’GOAL!!” shouted the crowed
‘’Wild Cats Centre’’ said the umpire ‘’ Ready set go’’. Wild cats centre passed the ball to cats GA then passed the ball back to centre then GA ran to the goal circle and centre passed it to GA ‘’Take a shot’’ said the Wild Cats coach
‘’Defend Charlotte defend’’ said Lindsey. The GA went for the shot but missed it and Charlotte jumped up and grabbed the ball. ‘’ Good job Charlotte’’ said Lindsey .
‘’Stop’’ said the umpire ‘’Half time’’
‘’Ok girls you are doing a great job but just remember do let Wild Cats get the ball’’ said Lindsey
‘’Ok back on court’’ said the umpire
‘’Good Luck’’ said Lindsey
‘’Ready set go’’ said the umpire. Wild Brumbies centre passed it to WA, WA to GA, GA to GS and goal shooter Nelly get’s the goal and Wild Brumbies keep getting goals. ‘’Stop!’’ yelled the umpire ‘’Game is finish and the score is 22 to 21 Wild Brumbies Won!’’
‘’YAY!!! Screamed everyone .

‘’Wake up Eliza’’ said Mum
‘’Whaatt’’ said Eliza
‘’You must have had a good dream’’ said Mum
‘’I did’’ said Eliza