The Tale Of The Homeless Baby Ants

Hello, my name is… I can`t have a real name, because I live in an ant colony. I`m number 257.
I`m a worker ant. If we use names, we will never be free.

After 2 days of being here, we will be set free if we spell, ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’. I`ve already learned the word, I just need to wait one more day to say it to the Queen.

But suddenly, I felt a human-sized drop of water fall on me!!! Luckily, I got out! Oh great, wait…a…a FLOOD!!!!

"Quick! Warn the colony! I will get the babies!!" I screamed.

But it was too late. Then, Super-ant rushed in, and saved the babies! Um, okay. That was very, very random!

I rubbed my eyes. I was confused. Very confused. I thought I was dreaming. But then I remembered that I`m not allowed to sleep!

Is it possible this is from the ‘Legend Book’ that I read?!

I am inside it?!

And… I’m…alive?

But then, I became Super-ant!

I suddenly learned how to fly!

After hours and hours of looking for a new home, I felt tired.

I thought, “I’m Super-ant, I can’t be tired.” Then, (in a Jamaican accent) I said, “My babies are so heavy!”

Even though they weren`t my babies, I felt like they were mine.

After searching, I finally found a nest! I started to walk in…but then a bull-ant leapt from his hiding spot! He growled, “Get away from my nest! Grrr!”

I said (in a Jamaican accent), “I just need a place to rest. My babies are so heavy!”

He growled again, and I said, “Okay. I will go now.”

But after about four tries of finding a new home, they were all bull-ants’ nests!

Then I found a new ant nest. This one was different to all the others.

This one was made out of…out of candy?

Another bull-ant came to greet me. It was the King of Candy!

“Can I come in? My babies are so heavy!” I said, in a Jamaican accent.

He said, “You have to pass the test.”

And I said, “What Test?”

And then he said, “Follow me…if you dare.”

I followed him to cliff. He said, “If I push you off the cliff, and you get back up alive, then you have passed.”

I said, “Okay. I will…for my babies.”

He pushed me down. It was a never-ending cliff!

I tried to fly, but the pressure of the wind stopped me from flying!

I grabbed onto a branch, but then an eagle came to greet me. It attacked me. It swooped and swooped…but it didn’t get me!

I flew up to the surface alive, and said, “I passed the test!”

The King`s mouth dropped open.

Suddenly, a parade was thrown! A golden pillow with a crown on it was given to me, and I was the King of Candy! I love candy!
The End!