Danger In Imagining

Turning up-side down

Dreaming dreams of hope; love, and dreams,
Why open your eyes to a world of torture, opposite to the one in you're dream
It's not worth it, when you can spend your time; dreaming of living life fully

When I, Billie, can go riding through the mountains, full speed
Where I can feel the wind lifting my hair in to the cool, fresh breeze
Where I can sheer sheep, milk cows, round up cattle

No; Stop; Wait
Don't let your imagination get away with you, Aria
You’re not Billie; You can't ride, nor sheer sheep, milk a cow, round up sheep
Don't dream of the impossible; dreams are never free
No, you're a city kid, not a mountain girl
STOP; NO; forget your stupid dreams
And face the truth, being brave, face to face


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