They're Coming!

Finalist in the 'Beyond Words 2015' competition

I try to look around but the darkness of the night has wrapped itself around every living thing out here. I cautiously take another step forward and call out again.
"Dad, are you there?"
Still no answer. I was sure I heard him, but I guess I was wrong. From the corner of my eye, I see a flash of light. I freeze and the same words keep rushing through my mind - They're coming!
I suddenly feel a lightning strike of fear jolt me into action and I start to run but it is so pitch black I'm not sure what direction I'm heading and I blindly stumble on a rock that stops me in my tracks.
I try to yell but nothing comes out of my mouth, I'm trembling and a sense of dread washes over me.
I jump to the sound of a branch snapping behind me. I start to run again but I only make it a few strides when I'm wrestled to the ground and have a torch shoved in my face. I scream!
"Found you!" bellowed a voice.
I look up to see my cousin Ella and my Dad standing behind her laughing.
"Come on, let’s play again," Ella says. "This time you're IT!"

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