Halloween Forest Monster

On the night of Halloween, on a dark and raining night. A man about twenty years old, was walking through the forest alone. He was wearing a wet and baggy, grey hoody and black jeans that were sticking to his legs. The wet grass and fallen tree leaves made a squishy sound under his black boots. He was walking home from a long day at work. Tired and cold, he took a short cut through the forest to get home. What he didn’t know was that on Halloween night, a monstrous creature awakens and hunts for his prey. This monster hunts from the darkest, coldest shadows in the forest. As this young man walked through the forest he didn’t know that he was walking right into the monster path. As the man walked into a clearing were there was a single tree in the middle. It had no leaves and looked lifeless. It was huge and had a hole in the base large enough to hold a human, dry and warm. He walked up to the tree and crawled inside the hole. He sat down and looked outside the tree looking at the rain. It was still pouring down and had bone chilling wind.
Off in the distance he saw movement in the trees. He got a shiver up his spine and got this bad feeling in the bottom of his stomach. He crawled further into the tree trunk so he was comply unseen. Out of the tree line step a huge monster. It had grey skin with skin peeling off. It had black holes were his eyes should be. He had sharp teeth and long arms. His fingers her long and bone with long sharp nails. To monster was sniffing around the clearing and was heading for the tree. The man in the tree panicked and he curled into a small ball to make his self as small as possible. The monster got closer and closer, it stopped in front of the tree and sniffed it. The man was trying to be as silent as possible. The creature bent down so its face was right in front of the hole he was. The creature smiled and lunged for the man. From the out just outside of the forest stood a little girl about 3 years old with a women under an umbrella. The little girl was dressed up in a princess dress and the women in a witch costume. They heard a scream that sounded like the little girls dad. The woman grabbed her phone and called the police to go a get him.
The police looked for two days when they found him or what was left of him, inside the hole of the tree. From that day on, they made to forest forbidden to everyone. To this day if you listen carefully you can see his spirt looking in the hole of the tree crying to go home to his little princess.


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