Sally And The Haunted Forest

Sally and the Haunted Forest
On a dark and spooky Halloween night the doorbell rung at the Smith’s house. A girl named Sally Smith opened the door and it was her cousin from America named Abigail Smith. They were both so excited because they were going to the Haunted forest and apparently every Halloween someone goes missing in there. “I don’t think it’s haunted because when I looked it up it looked normal” said Abigail. “Maybe it’s just a prank” said Sally. “It could be” said Abigail. “Let’s go to the forest before mum comes looking for us. Come on!” “This forest is not haunted” said Sally “obviously there’s no sign of monsters or anything.” “Ahh” went a voice. It sounded just like Abigail. I looked to my left. There was no one there. I looked to my right. There was no one there either. I started to feel a shiver go up my spine. My hands were shaking. I felt scared and I didn’t know where she went. I tried screaming for help but nothing came out of my mouth. It was getting colder and darker and I felt like I was spinning round and round. Then it was silent, no noise at all. I heard a rustle in the bush and I thought it might have been Abigail pulling a prank on me but I couldn’t see her. I was getting more scared by the minute! I tried to see if there was anyone in the forest but all I could see was darkness. Then I felt something grab onto my foot. I tried pulling my foot out but it just kept pulling. So, I grabbed a sharp pencil out of my pocket and stabbed it and it just fell. It was a vine but who was pulling it? There was no sight of Abigail anywhere! I just needed to try and get out of there and then there was a miracle! I saw some light coming from the left and I started following it so I could find a way out. I was walking when someone grabbed onto my foot again but this time it was Abigail. She was trying to get up but something grabbed her and pulled her away. I started following the light again but I realized it was a broken car with the lights still on. So I pretty much had no hope of getting out! There was nothing but darkness. I couldn’t see anyone, I couldn’t hear anyone and there was no Abigail either. I wanted to try and find her and at the same time I wanted to get out, but I needed to find her as she was my cousin! So, I went looking for her. I found her footprints and they led to a tree but no one was there, only Abigail’s shoes. Then my phone rang. It was mum so I told her everything and she came to pick me up. From that day on no one has ever seen Abigail Smiths again.
By Akira Kotagama


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