Land And Sea

There was a boy, who belonged to the land, he wondered about, until he reached sand.
He looked out onto the horizon and saw, the beautiful blue sea in all her awe.
He decided that maybe, just once could he, dip his toes into her majesty, and be completely free?
In went his feet, his legs and his knees, when up swept, a triumphant breeze.
The land called him back, it begged and it plead, but he shrugged off, the selfish greed.
Instead he jumped in, and swam down below, where he saw something, gorgeous and unknown.
It was a young girl, who belonged to the sea, she sat on a throne, of shells and seaweed.
But soon he learned, that not all was so bright, for the girl of the sea, was not in the light.
He learned of her struggles, and how she had tried, to take her life, on the very low tide.
So the boy promised her, that he would make things right, he complimented her everyday, and every single night.
He showed her the world, in which she stayed, and how it was so full of beauty, if attention was payed.
Slowly but surely, she began to smile once more, and the girl of the sea, was no longer at war.
But the boy could not stay, in her world much longer, his edges were eroding, from her forces that were stronger.
The girl of the sea, and the boy of the land, for the very last time, held each other’s hands.
The boy stepped out, onto the dry welcoming beach, looking back on the sea, but staying just out of reach.
He smiled and thought, of how she had sat, and cried every night, before he had changed that.
He thought of her smile, and how she knew she was adored, he taught her how to feel, like she would never be ignored.
And so the boy fell, in love with the sea, and likewise, so did she.

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