Game Over

I watched the sun pour down into the city and the sky and clouds melt together, the trees weaving their way across the mellow fields and golden rays all about.I observed the bright ball go down and the sky change color from creamy blue and marmalade skies to dark blue swirls from the partial clouds.

The air was cold and so was the night, buildings shook from the underground, soon everything was falling down.The Earth cracked and the sky split, not all of this world was made to fit. The Earth roared and we all mourned, scared to leave this perfect world.

Lost children, terrified parents, disaster struck from every corner. Survival was slim, we had to help others, as I had already lost my brother. Months gone and years had passed, some were found and others at rest, long gone but never forgotten, the people that had kept us from being sad.

Drown me in my sorrow tears, fill my glass with blood not water, pretend that all of this never happened, take me back to what was perfect.I watch the sky from black to blue, I wait in silence praying it wasn't true. I remember dressing in black and wiping my tears. Saying my speech with my cracked voice. I want it to be the end of this dreaded family. For my dearly brother, please come back.

I now stood in the middle of the maze of the dead. Every corner I faced fear, maybe that's a good thing, or maybe I've been running away from it ever since.And I’m not ready to come face to face. With what I’ve always feared.Even though I’m miles away.I can feel it clenching my soul.

The drive in my heart. Even though I could only feel the faint beat.Each second it became fainter.
Leaving me.Maybe it was time to say goodbye, letting go to the helping hand that was always there, and the one supporting me my whole life. But I knew that there was another hand clenching my heart.

Squeezing every piece of hope I had. They say that equal power cancels each other out. But this was no maths equation. One was stronger than the other. And for me it was game over.

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