I’m running through a dark and gloomy forest with a creepy doll trailing behind me saying “Larlo gonna kill you!” “Ahh!” I scream .Just as I was screaming I see a figure coming towards me as it is getting closer it starting to get faster. I thought to myself be that a unicorn!

I jump on its back and yell “Ye-ha!” As I was galloping on the unicorn I saw my house it was so dark outside, it was like I was on the sun when I walked inside my house. I told my mum to come outside because I found a unicorn (well, it actually found me). My mum was very surprised, I will never forget this day.

That night I went to bed and as soon as I closed my eyes I heard “Larlo gonna kill you,” I look around, I don't see anything not a figure. I shut my eyes again I hear “Larlo gonna kill you,” I keep my eyes shut. My doona instantly gets pulled of me. I run out of the room and told my mum what had happened suddenly we hear rumbling throughout the whole house. See flickering of light through the window, I don’t know what to do.

So we cuddle up on the couch and turn the news on. They say that a tornado is coming. We run outside and see the tornado coming towards us. I run to get the phone and dial 000. “Come quick the tornado is coming toward us we need a fire brigade to pick us up,” I explained. “Ok where do you live?” asked the fireman. “21 Maryborough Rd,” I explained. They came too late we had already been sucked up by the tornado the house and

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