It was a creepy dark night on Halloween. Everybody was getting dressed up. I was dressing up as Slender Man. Slender is very scary. He has a white face, he can't walk, he can only kill and teleport. He lives in the forest at night. Sol and I went into the spooky forest, Slender made us come to him. How did he do it? He put notes on some trees saying where to go. We thought it would lead us to someone's house. I saw Slender Man and yelled 'RUUUUUNNNN!'
Slender Man chased us. Everyone was RUNNING away from Slender. Slender is very scary. I tripped over a root and Slender got me with his long arms. He took me back into the forest to his base. He was about to kill me, but someone came up behind Slender with a sharp sword. He slid down with it in his back. The man who killed Slender, his name is Jeff the Killer.
Slender is very scary. Do you think so?


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