Fairy Bella And Witch Stella

Excellence Award in the 'Beyond Words 2015' competition

Once upon a time in a faraway magical forest, lived a magical fairy that could do anything she wanted to do. Her name was princess Bella. She had beautiful diamond lips, shiny gold hair and wore a beautiful ruby, red dress. In the magical forest, the trees were made of gold.
One day, fairy Bella heard noises coming from a cottage. She knocked on the door. There was a witch named Stella who lived there. Fairy Bella saw her friends in Stella’s house and she also saw Stella breaking things in her house.
Fairy Bella saw a window open so she flew in the house. She tried to free her friend’s but the witch saw her. Stella chased fairy Bella. After a while, Stella go tired and so did fairy Bella but Stella was so tired that she fell asleep. Fairy Bella quietly freed her friend’s and they escaped. They never went near the cottage again.


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