The Great Drought

3rd in the 'Beyond Words 2015' competition

As the sun rose above the horizon, the mother bird laid the egg. It was spring and Kylie the lorikeet was now a mother. Kylie was so proud. She had flown around showing off her egg.
Sadly, a terrible thing happened to Kylie. She got tired and had to walk with her egg. She crossed a road and her world went black. Forever.
Though Kylie had lost her life, the egg had been spared. Weeks later the egg hatched. Although alone, the chick was safe. She had a dint in her wing as a scar of the crash.
The other lorikeets found her and named her Jewell. With the help of her new family, she learned to collect seeds, grubs and insects. “My,” said her friends. “You really are smart!”
All secrets were shared, except one. No one would tell Jewell how she got the dint in her wing, however much she pleaded. “It’s for the best,” said the leader. “She will grow sad if she knows her past.”
As spring came again, it brought with it seeds, fruit and new life. Jewell had hundreds of new brothers and sisters.
Her favourite sister was Sally, for she was gentle and helpful. With Sally by her side, Jewell played and laughed.
Spring seemed more beautiful.
Then it came. The great drought that Jewell’s mother had predicted was here. It sent flowers and leaves withering. Birds were flying long distances to find water.
Jewell’s family had to leave. Jewell’s parents called the children and their journey began. They flew over deserts and dried up streams.
When they had flown for an hour, Jewell began to tire. She left her family to land on hot sand. She quickly descended, leaving her family to rest.
Fortunately for Jewell, there was a drop of water on the ground. She drank it hurriedly. Then Jewell knew she was hopeless. Her family had gone and she was lost.
After three days of hard life without water, Jewell weakened. As days went by, she got weaker until she couldn’t move. Then she let herself believe it was true. She was in a barren desert without water and as prey for eagles and scavengers. Jewell’s eyes closed. She knew she was hopeless and was going to die. As a dark shadow fell over her, she waited for the first pain.
Strangely, that pain did not come. Jewell opened her eyes and instead of an eagle, she saw Sally. Sally smiled. She flew and got Jewell some water. After weeks of care, Jewell regained her strength. Then one day Sally cried, “Spring is here!”
Jewell smiled and for the last time asked, “Why do I have a dint in my wing?” After a moment of consideration, Sally said, “Your mum died in a car crash, but you survived.” Then Sally smiled. “That makes you all the more special.”
As Jewell looked up at the sun, she thought she heard her mother’s voice saying, “Well done my darling girl.”

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