Bitter Memories

Finalist in the 'Beyond Words 2015' competition

Engraved in my heart was the bitter memories of my father’s death,
Where I was locked in a cabinet gasping for breath,
I took a peek and to my utter horror,
He was 1 against 5 fighting a warrior,
I watched my father fight,
When I saw a silver flash of light,
Blood stained the blossom tree,
As my heart was pounding within me,
As red as a rose, the blood stood here,
As a memory I would never forget far, or near,
A cry I let out from my heart,
It raged with anger and tore me apart,
I investigated who was behind my father's death,
And when I found him, I made sure he drew his last breath,
I still was left with sorrow and sadness,
But I still had to contain the raging madness.

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