Magic Faraway Tree

Magic Faraway Tree is an exciting book with my stamina I read.
An author called Enid Blyton has an imagination that runs wild.
Jo, Bessie, Fanny and Dick go on an adventure to the magic tree.
A copious amount of people Dick never met,
Silky, Moon Face and Sauce Pan Man.
Angry pixie and the owl too,
And don’t forget Mr Whatshisname.
The Magic Faraway Tree is very tall,
It goes up to the top of the clouds.
A land up high changes every day.
Like Topsy Tervy and the Land of Spells.
The Magic Tree is an amazing place,
Thanks to Enid Blyton who made this book.
I’m out of my shoes away I go,
I love this book so I think I need to read it again.