Finalist in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

I am on my phone but I’m really really bored
So I decide to go onto Facebook oh Chelsea scored.
I scroll through the feed and a message pops up
Someone unfollowed me I was about to blow-up.
From then on I didn’t touch Facebook
Ok maybe I did have a quick look.
Social media has ruined me what have I done
I haven’t set foot out of my house so I'm off for a run
I have made my decision not to look at my phone
Unless it’s an emergency or I am alone.
My mother was happy about what I have chosen
I’m not looking down at my phone looking frozen.
A message to all think twice about the things you do
Especially the people you follow because it all starts with you.
Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are some of the apps
I’m not saying to stop them but to me they're like traps.


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