Vacation Disaster

We had been walking for days with little food and water to spare. Our rests were short and our feet were just holding up. This harsh, humid, jungle environment wasn't doing anything to help us survive, but then from the back of the group Timothy spoke and said,"Shhhhhh! I think I can hear something." So everyone stopped and listened, then Timothy started walking ahead and everyone followed him. After walking for about 2 minutes, the sound became more apparent to the rest of the group so we walked a bit longer then came to a river. Everyone started drinking and filling up their bottles in the shallow river. After everyone was happy, we walked up the bank and made a small camp and fell asleep.
It was an early start to gather up food and start along the river walking downstream. The sun was blistering my skin and the mosquitoes were eating me alive. We had encountered a few small pythons which happily moved on. We walked on and to our relief came to the ocean where, luckily, a ship was passing by. We moved around looking for things to catch the boats attention and we yelled and screamed until the ship stopped and sent a small motor boat. "WE"RE SAVED," we all cried.

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