Balancing Bottles, Plates And Spoons

Excellence Award in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

Balancing bottles, plates and spoons, I reckon it will go all the way to the moon.
Stacking them up on top of each other, I think I can see my mother.
She is saying a word or two, she is saying be careful you.
Balancing carefully like my mother said, I think it is nearly time for bed.
Stacking them on top of each other, like they are a brother to one another.
The clouds are just above and I can see somebody waving at me with a glove.
It is dad and he is mad that I am balancing bottles, plates and spoons.
Up, up, up it goes, I think I have itchy toes.
I’m now in space, I hope no one steals my diamond case.
Just above is the moon and then I place the very last spoon.
Now I have done it, it went to the top and now I can stop.