Fairy Door

For Christmas last year I got a strange little fairy door, a little fairy mailbox and two little mushrooms. I didn’t know what else to do with them, so I stuck them on an old gum tree out the front of my house.
The next day I put a little letter in the letterbox to see what would happen and to my surprise I got a little present. I unwrapped it and it was a little bottle that said “Sprinkle me on your hair.” As I did, all of a sudden I turned small enough to go through the door. So I walked through the door to meet a fairy named Jessica. She said, “Welcome to Fairyland.”
She asked me what my name was and I told her it was Lily. “We all have our own job in Fairyland,” she told me, “but the most important job of all is the tooth fairy of course. I have the job of introducing humans to Fairyland. My best friends are Steve the flower fairy, Summer the summer fairy and Pixie the tooth fairy.” She took me to meet Summer and Steve and together we shared some sandwiches and fairy cakes. They were delicious.
Jessica said it was time to say goodbye and said that whenever I was lonely or bored to look in the mailbox to find the fairy dust.
The next day I tried the fairy dust but it didn’t work. I tried again the day after that and luckily it worked. I asked Jessica what could have happened and she said that you can only use it if you haven’t used it the day before. Jessica handed me a bit of sparkly paper made of fairy dust, it had pictures and information about every single fairy and their names.
Two days later I came back I found Jessica with another fairy. Her dress had pictures of teeth on it. Jessica said “Meet Pixie, the tooth fairy.” Pixie said, "Would you like to stay for lunch and I will show you my tooth collection?” I looked at her collection and even saw one of the teeth she had collected from me two years ago! After lunch I went home.
Two days later I looked inside the letterbox and found a letter but couldn’t find the fairy dust. The letter was from Jessica it read, “We had to move trees because some kids needed us urgently elsewhere. I am really sorry. Love Jessica.” She promised to keep writing to me and said that Pixie will drop by next time I lost a tooth.


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