Netball Grandfinal

The netball Grand Final

It was 6 o,clock in the morning I was still asleep,10 minutes later
Mum came in and woke me up.When I got into the lounge room
there was a table two pieces of toast on it.

Then my Aunty Breana came out of the hole way with my clean
netball dress.I put it on,had breakfast,did my hair and,then my mum
put some maroon and gold ribbon in my hair.I didn’t know what
was going on but then my mum said”go brush your teeth”

Then when I got out of the bathroom I saw Aunty Breana carrying
Tom to the car,Then mum was carrying Ellie to the car .
Next mum yelled out to me “come and hop in the car”.Still didn’t know what was going on. so I hopped in the car.

The next minute my mum pulled up at the Cobram Football Netball Club, and then I remembered it was good Friday the Netball Grand final. When I got on to the court i stood in my position which was WA, I was great at WA but Ashley who was WD was rely good.

When my team got a goal I was so exited because it was our first goal of the game.

In the third quarter we were 2 in front.When the whistle blew for half time,my heart sank because we were about to shoot a goal .

now I was GA I was against Hannah, she was a god defender but I still shot 2 goals.

We had 30 seconds left and it was a draw,when we got the ball Muniya and I worked our way down the court.When we had 10 seconds left we were in the ring. I was about to shoot and just before the whistle blew I shote a goal