A Bad Dream That Came True

I slammed my head on my pillow and pulled my donna up and culled up to it.I quick crabbed my phone and I was texting my friends to
see of they would like to come
shopping tomorrow.There names are
Alex, Jess, and Grace.It’s now time to go
to sleep I turn off my bedside lamp.

I was really exited for tomorrow I was trusty so I rush down stair like a rocket and get a glass of water rush back up stair. It’s 3:00 o’clock in the morning. I have a dream about that I was rich and I so much money I slap my face and it was totally fake.

It is still early in the morning I have this bad dream about a vile witch comes and get’s me she get’s her magic powers out. She get her broom stick out and throw it at me then I fall over and I am really saw. I am really hurt to I got really scared at the time then all these other with come as well IT’S GET OUT OF CONTROL.My friends are in the dream as well we all were still were are Pj’s.Then we saw smoke in the air we were all wonder what it? “ IT’S A DRAGON” I scream.

It is morning I yawn first I make my bed I go and hope in the shower for 5 minute I open my door because I have finished in the shower I go get what I am wearing today.I am wearing a dress with pram trees on it and my shoes are thongs I have my hair in a pigtail I go down stairs and get breakfast.

I go and brush my teeth today were going shopping with my friends were going at 11:00 o’clock.It’s going to be so much fun “let’s go” mum said down at the bottom at stair’s “I am coming mum” I say

We are driving to the shopping centre and we are going to pick up my friends we Grace up first then Jess and then Alex.Now mum is dropping us off we all have phone’s so if anything went wrong then were now here now we are going to the first level.We did that it was now lunch time we were still on fist level we all had sushi for lunch.

Were now on the second level we went to go and use the lift and everyone is coming out screaming were like “what is going on?”.When we went to go and have a look at it we saw all these witch’s I said to my friends “Hey I had that dream last night it has came true OH NO” I said “I had that it to said” all of them they said to me “you were in as well” I said “you were in it as well “ that is weird.

“We need to do something about”? Jess said then we smell smoke it coming from the air.We all saying “IT’S A DRAGON” “we screamed it breathing out fire” we all say.”What should we do?” said Alex we need to find something to find something to throw at them Grace’s say’s.So we all do that then that didn’t seem to work it made them more angry we need to call our mum’s and dad’s we do that we told them what happen they came in and save the day

That was good that they came it cam back to normal ant it was a happy ending



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