Before electricity and toys, before paper and lawnmowers were invented. Even before houses were made. This was a whole different world. A world with unknown cures for diseases and megafauna roamed the deserted plains. It was a world, a world filled with danger.
Unknown animals roamed the grasslands. Some of them deadly some of them passive. It was painful and arduous living in these ancient eras but nature always wins. It was a world, a world filled with danger.
Picking berries off a bush or chopping down a tree to make a fire was a job only highly trained humans could do. They put their life at risk. Stubborn sharp-tooth monkeys guarded the berries like it was their king. Swinging from branch to branch, bush to bush. Also there was a variety of snakes wandering through the over grown, light green, knee high, grass circling and twisting like weeds trying to take over a plant when it is struggling for its life. It was a world, a world filled with danger.
Nevertheless I grew old and tired, happy and weak. I spent my entire life hunting for food, exploring wetlands and rivers and chasing after wolves. Every night hoping I wasn’t stung by anything painful. As I lay on my favourite rock for the last time overlooking the plains where I lived my joyous life I whispered to myself “I survived a world, a world filled with danger.”