A Battle With The Beast

Excellence Award in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

I stared in horror at this mighty terror I had to defeat, I gulped. If I refused I would be killed but if I took it on I would surely die. Be brave I told myself, I can do this, I took a quick glance at the big giant green slimy thing and nearly vomited, it was hideous.
I was allowed only two weapons: a small knife and a trident. I charged at the creature but it swung a massive tentacle. It hit me in the chest and sent me whirling into a tree. I was winded with only my knife left, my trident having been knocked away into the bushes. The creature roared and began to lumber towards me. Thinking quickly I threw my knife into the beast and the blade sunk deep into its flesh. I was winning!
But there was no time for celebration as the creature, enraged at having been recently cut open, screeched and made a mad dash for me. I jumped to the left but it caught me on the legs and sent me spinning onto something hard, my trident! I reached out and grabbed its smooth surface. I turned to face my attacker. I jumped. I then stuck the trident into the monster’s flesh before ripping it out. With a loud tearing noise a large chunk of pulpy mass came out with my trident. I leaped again and again, each time tearing chunks of tissue out. I was unstoppable!
I blinked. Suddenly I was in a large room with a bright light shining in my eyes. I blinked again and the light died down a little. I could now make out that I was sitting at a table with a plate, knife and fork in front of me. That's when I realised the horrible taste in my mouth. I swallowed.
"Good job Jake" said mum, "You finally ate your zucchini!"
I looked down and saw that I had a small mass of food on my plate.
Yes! I had finally eaten my zucchini!
Which meant I could have the delicious dessert mum had made - banana and choc-chip ice cream! I rushed to grab some but dad stopped me,
"Aren't you going to finish your broccoli?" he said.
I groaned. Not again.


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