A Blast From The Past

What, where are we? Are we in the in the future? It is 2025, we look outside and we are in Antarctica the middle of nowhere Riley and Molly both get a text saying ‘the next mission for you two is that a man is trying to rob money from the bank so you guys have to try and stop them’ we looked at each other and said “are we undercover spies or something.”

Early that morning Molly and Riley were walking to school like an normal Monday morning they lived next door to each other so they always would see each other. They were walking to school and they noticed a letter on the ground they picked it up and it said ‘you will see who you are’. They had no idea what it meant they studied it all day and at lunch they went to the library on the computers, they studied it and it came up with a phone number with a name called megan and an address. After school they went to the place where the address was, it was a mind reader studio we walked in and molly said ‘ are you megan’ and the old wrinkly lady answered ‘oh yes and you two are Molly and Riley’ we wondered how she knew our names and she said i'm a mind reader oversly i know who u are. 5 minutes later Megan said so why are you here we passed her the note she looked at it and was shooked we said ‘wait what wrong’ the lady yelled meet me here at 5pm tomorrow and then she ran out and left us wondering what and why.

Molly and Riley woke up early and walked to school together they were so confused. After school they went to Riley’s house and waited until it was 5pm then they went back to the address where the mind reader was we went in but she wasn’t there. Half an hour later she walked in she said ‘oh i didn’t think you would come’ . She told us all about this note how when she was there age she got that exact note and it all happened when she was with her best friend at the post office to check their mail and in her mail was that exact letter and everytime we touch that key and think of a time and they travel to the future/past. Molly and Riley looked at each other and said ‘we can’t jump to a time, how did you know how to travel to the future/past?’
Megan answers ‘ You two have a great friendship you will find what powers you have’. We left the tiny studio and went straight home.

Molly and Riley were walking to school together like they always do when they walked to the street where they found the letter and all of a sudden they were in Antarctica what were are we?


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