Money or happiness

I was 13 when I realized what I wanted to do with my life, I wanted to be famous and help people when I young but then everything changed as soon as I turned 13. On my birthday something really bad happened, my parents were involved in an accident and we didn’t have the money to pay for their treatment. Then I realized that without money there is nothing in this world, so I decided my future, which was to get rich.

I decided that I will do anything to get rich. One year has passed by me being alone and lonely, one day suddenly I bumped into a man, he decided to give me work and I also got paid the money was enough to keep me alive but it didn’t make me rich. When I turned 18 I quit work and decided to do something big, I decided to sell drugs. Soon I got used to it, started doing drugs myself, became a drug addict. I got rich but was lonely and depressed.

One day I went to see the doctor who didn’t treat my parents because we didn’t have the money to pay the bills. When I got there I saw a young boy begging the doctor to treat his mother but he was in the same situation as I was in when I was 13. I went to the doctor and told him “I will pay their bills” and threw a bundle of money on his face. I talked to the boy his name is Oggy, the boy was so happy to see his mum treated and well.

I felt so happy that day because I didn’t feel lonely and felt like I have done something really big then I realized that money doesn’t make people happy, people are happy when they are with other people and enjoying themselves. People also get happiness by helping other people and being nice to people.
The next day Oggy and his mum came to my house and asked me to live with them as a family, I was so happy that moment that I was crying tears of happiness. Soon I decided to quit doing drugs and also quit the drug business. The next year I started working as a normal person, since that moment I have never felt sad or lonely or I have need had this much happiness. When I had lots of money I never felt happy but now I have someone to call a family and also got enough money to live the life I want.

Money doesn’t give you happiness don’t chase after money chase after happiness.