Excellence Award in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

I growled at Tots, staring into her cruel green eyes and sleek black fur. The hate between us was strong. I was going to make dogs proud and make cats look pathetic and and scared. I would win this war. I would be the first dog of all time to win against a cat. I may just be a tiny chihuahua but I can make dogs proud.

My name’s Peanut and I'm a chihuahua. My owner's name is Naomi but I think she should be called Snappy Cat. She has a very short temper and when I say snappy, I mean snappy.

It was me against the cruel fur-ball Tots. But really Tots is to cute for herself.
Tots is a stuck up hairball and is very fat. She is a enormous tom cat and has deep green eyes. The eyes, how I hate those eyes. The worst part is that Tots is clearly Naomi’s favourite pet. She bought Tots a month ago on my birthday. My birthday. I couldn't believe what I saw. Naomi didn't even care about me on that dreadful day. She even forgot to feed me.

“Gonna go run away and hide are you,” Tots sneered at me.
“Are you really as stupid as you look,” I growled back.
Tots hissed at me. I paid no attention to it and stayed in a fighting position. Tots eyed me carefully. I growled softly. Not daring to be distracted. Suddenly I heard a mouse squeak. Tots looked up. Suddenly I seized my chance. I jumped onto Tots back and bit her. She meowed out in pain. I think I may have broken her tail because I heard a crack. I had the upper hand so Tots could be afraid now. But Tots was stronger than she looked, so all she did was kick me off her and hiss at me. Then as if it were nothing she bit my throat. The pain was unimaginably painful. Like a tongue of fire went through my throat and out. I yowled out in pain. Barking in rage. Then all was black.

I don't know how long I had blacked out for, but it must have been a long time because I was at the vet with a doctor standing over me. My throat had been stitched up and I didn't feel any pain. Then Naomi came into the room.
“Have you found someone to adopt him yet? I heard Naomi ask.
“Yes we’ve found a small family that want him,” the doctor answered back, “ they’ll come today in about five minutes.”
Small family, five minutes? What were they on about. Was Naomi giving me away? Oh well at least I could get rid of Tots.
“And the cat?” Asked Naomi.
“Yes. The cat is going-”
But the doctor didn’t get to finish his sentence because a family walked in.
There was a woman and two children. They picked me up and put me inside a car. Then we drove away.


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